Social Media For Local SMBs Enables Direct Targeting

Utilizing social media for local SMBs has become critical to a marketing plan. Advertising is a big part of this; while it’s true that engagement through conversation, promotion, and grassroots relationships are the primary purpose of social media services, these platforms also provide another avenue for targeted advertising.

Like other pay-per-click ad services, advertising on Facebook happens through the standard model of create, target, and set budget. Thanks to the demographic data behind Facebook accounts, your campaign can become ultra-targeted:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Relationship
  • Education
  • And more

google-adwords-ppcIn addition, Facebook offers interest targeting, allowing you to zero in specific users in a way that simply isn’t available on broader PPC services. To aid your decision making, Facebook provides an Audience Definition meter to give you a quick understanding of what your potential reach is.

Final configuration is simple — just set either a daily or lifetime budget as well as the means of charging (clicks, impressions, or objectives). Further flexibility is allowed by setting up the clickthrough target. A Facebook Page isn’t even necessary to run ads; Facebook ads can be used to generate website traffic by selecting Clicks To Websites (though these ads run in the sidde column, not the main news feed).

Sponsored Posts also provide a secondary option triggered by specific actions. When users interact with your content, these updates are propagated to the News Feeds of their Facebook friends. Sponsored Posts allows you to pay for better placement on these feeds, thus increasing potential exposure.

Social media for local SMBs has changed the face of marketing. As Facebook has evolved, so have the advertising options on its platform. Need help navigating this new frontier? 

By Marc Apple

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