Email Marketing Services for Businesses

There’s plenty of justified hype for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media outlets as key drivers of online marketing. But there’s still one online marketing avenue that has a greater impact, even though it’s not as glamorous: email.

Yes, plain ol’ email. As a San Rafael marketing agency for small and medium local businesses, we’ve certainly seen various trends come and go as advertising and outreach evolve, but email is a constant. That’s why we’re a Constant Contact Solution Provider; it provides value to every customer, no matter the size, industry, or demographic.

Here’s an easy thought-experiment to prove it. Think about all of your different accounts you check, both during the workday and your off time. Are there pockets when you don’t check your social media accounts? Probably, yet how many of us actually go a day without checking email? It’s still the primary online conduit for communication — the original, and best, social media outlet.

As a Constant Contact Solution Provider, we give every new client a free website match email template to better engage the end-user and increase click-through rates. How can email benefit your San Rafael small or medium local business? Unlock the potential of email marketing with Forward Push today.

By Marc Apple

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