Email Continues To Outperform Other Avenues

To many, email marketing may seem like an outdated concept. You may wonder in a world ruled by social media, videos, and targeted pay-per-click advertising, should you invest in an email marketing campaign?

The answer will surprise you. Despite all of the glitz and glamour of, say, social media platforms fueled by millennials, email marketing remains the most effective avenue to deliver ROI.

Why is this so? Consider this: while social media trends come and go, email usage remains consistent and is required to sign up for social media accounts. For anyone making purchasing decisions, email is a critical part of their identity, particularly for B2B. And while many people may take breaks from social media, 91% of people check their email every day. In addition, as teens and college students enter the workforce, email becomes a critical form of communication for them.

Email MarketingBest Practices For Email Marketing

What can you do with email marketing? Remember that this method emphasizes clickthrough and conversion as well as message and value. Because of this, email can be used for a variety of marketing purposes:

  • Coupons, discounts, and sales: Promote special prices in an email blast with the goal of converting exposure into purchases.
  • News and announcements: New service offerings, product releases, awards, and other noteworthy events can be sent out to enhance your brand’s standing.
  • Contests and other promotions: Spread the word on customer engagement promotions as a means to gain exposure and drive traffic.

Email marketing stands apart from social media and other online marketing platforms. However, that doesn’t mean that they have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, email marketing easily supplements and integrates into other marketing campaigns. The bottom line with email marketing is that it is a means to the drive click through rate to your website. With that as your goal, the creative possibilities are endless.

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