Telling Your Brand’s Story

In some cases, a tagline is as crucial to a brand’s identity as a logo. In other cases, it isn’t; stunning iconography gets the job done. There’s also the grey area in between, where a logo is supported by a tagline but the text isn’t necessarily indispensable.

Side note: If you don’t have a tagline yet, we can lead the brainstorming process to create one. Once that’s complete, we can step back and revisit the logo design process to see what kind of visual impact it can make.

What does that mean? Ultimately, every situation is unique and it depends on the combination of your goals, your brand, and your audience. Those variables will help guide the decision as to whether or not a tagline is integrated into the logo.

To help us get to that decision point, we’ll sit down with every client for an initial intake session. During this session, everything from brand/company history to marketing goals and target audience will be covered. By compiling all of this information, we’ll start to build the foundation for logo design ideas. As we revise and refine based on feedback, we’ll explore whether or not integration of a tagline enhances the visual and branding impact of the logo or if it simply clutters it up.