This is a story of Craft Beer

Filmmaker Jeremy Williams’ Craft Beer – A Hopumentary is 14 minutes and 32 seconds of pure hops, suds, and cheers.

Even though the large-scale breweries like Anheuser-Busch, Miller and Coors dominate the beer shelves and sales figures, people like Ron Lindenbusch, CMO of Lagunitas Brewing Company, homebrewer turned professional Nate Oyler and City Beer store owners Beth and Craig Wathen, all have smiles on their faces sharing why the love craft beer.

From brewing in your backyard, to knowing what to order for the weekend crowd that will fill the patio at Zeitgeist, Craft Beer – A Hopumentray is a well thought out look at the San Francisco beer scene combining facts from the Brewer’s Association and interviews with the people that make the scene so great.