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Engaging and Converting New Customers

Inbound marketing is all about engagement and conversion — and to get started, startups need to focus on content creation. Why is this so important? Content creation is the backbone of inbound marketing. Without a consistent stream of content creation, an inbound marketing campaign falls apart because there’s nothing to continuously engage new and returning customers. The value propagated forward by content is what builds customer trust time and again. It’s simply a must.

However, it’s more than having something for people to read, watch, or respond to. Content also drives how people find you. When posted on your site through a blog or individual article pages, your search engine footprint expands. Content can also be used as landing pages in targeted pay-per-click ads. In social media, content can be promoted via links, which can then possibly go viral and bring more people to your brand. In email newsletters, content teasers can backlink to the source, driving traffic to a landing page.

What Types of Content Can You Create?

What can’t you create? As long as it provides some value to the audience, it’s fair game. Content creation for startups might want to focus on the more traditional route of blog posts, articles, and video content. If you have the creative resources, things like infographics and ebooks also have a history of driving traction for brands.

However, marketing is all about the conversation, so whatever means you can do to engage, it’s worth a try — especially in the startup world, where things are noticeably less bound by corporate restrictions. If it’s appropriate for your brand, you can create silly content to see if things go viral, such as Photoshopping memes or videos of cats with your product. Be creative and fresh with it, and as long as it doesn’t offend anyone (which can create all sorts of headaches for your brand), give it a try, especially with the reach of social media.

Who Can Do It?

content-creation-services-for-startupsEveryone on your staff can chip in when comes to creating content. If they’ve got writing skills, they can create blog posts. Smartphones mean that anyone can make a video, and infographic generators like Piktochart are available to help even the most graphically unskilled people put together something nice. And if you need to go to the next level, marketing agencies can assist with their staff of professional copywriters, graphic designers, and video producers.

How Much Content Do You Need?

The simple answer is this: the more, the better, but quality is the most important thing. Remember, as a startup, you’re going against established companies, big corporations, and other startups in your field. That means the room is crowded, so the more content you create, the better opportunities to get your brand out there and engage the audience.

It’s not just about cumulative volume. Content creation can happen all up front but distribution should occur on a regulated schedule so that your audience is continuously engaged. If you rush your content out all at once, each piece might steal attention from the other ones. Regular distribution lets your audience know that they can rely on you and helps keep search engine spiders happy for an increased SEO footprint.

Content creation, social media, and beyond — are you a startup wondering how to launch an inbound marketing campaign? Download Forward Push’s The Startup’s Guide To Inbound Marketing to learn even more about the ins and outs of inbound marketing.

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