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What is a Call To Action?

By Marc Apple / January 6, 2016 /

What They Are, Where They Go, How To Use Them In many marketing pieces — both here and on advertisements, blog posts, articles, case studies, videos, infographics, and other such things filling the Internet — you’ll find what we in the business refer to as a “call to action.” Sometimes it’s obvious and sometimes it’s…

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Five Questions to Ask Before Building A Small Business Website

By Marc Apple / November 25, 2015 /

The Fundamentals of Small Business Websites Small businesses need websites. They need them to connect with customers, to get their names out there, to compete with bigger companies with larger budgets. But where to begin with a small business website? We’ll answer that question with a question. Five questions, actually. The following five questions won’t…

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Does a Small Business Need a Website?

By Marc Apple / November 17, 2015 /

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Business Websites At Forward Push, our motto is “Helping You Navigate the Ever Changing Internet”…and in some cases, that means introducing small businesses to why they should have a website. That can be a frightening proposition, especially when the process involves so many buzzwords and acronyms: CMS, SEO, plugins, HTML5,…

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Do Websites Increase Business To My Physical Location?

By Marc Apple / November 13, 2015 /

Ways Your Website Can Boost Conversion You’ve got your website up, and it looks great. But is it boosting business to your physical location? Maybe. It depends on how things are set up. Any site will ultimately boost business to your location over the long haul, but “boost” can mean one customer or hundreds. We…

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How Much Does A Website Cost?

By Marc Apple / September 10, 2015 /

Small Business Website Design Every small business needs a website — and that means every small business needs to know how much a website costs. However, it’s not as cut and dry as a single one-size-fits-all number. Every situation is different and every website is unique, and that means that costs can vary quite a…

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What Are the Hidden Costs of Building a Website

By Marc Apple / August 19, 2015 /

Questions to Ask Before You Build a Website It’s pretty common for me to get the question “What are the costs to build a website?” Before I answer I always ask what are their specific needs and goals, and once I know that, I’ll provide a cost estimate for their website project. It’s a pretty straight…

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How Much Does It Cost to Build A Website for a B2B Company

By Marc Apple / August 8, 2015 /

Your Small Business Website Options For B2B companies, you probably already know that you need a website. The big question for you is more likely “How much should I spend on a website?” That’s an important question because prices can scale with functionality, so understanding what your specific needs are becomes a top priority when…

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What is Responsive Design?

By Marc Apple / March 29, 2015 /

Websites That Can be Viewed on What Your Users are Using  When people first were able to view websites on their phones, it was often a messy endeavor. Things were too small or too big or just didn’t fit right. Viewers worked around it with scrolling, manual zooming, and other awkward solutions. However, the across-the-board…

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Why Do I Need A Mobile Website?

By Marc Apple / March 29, 2015 /

We Are a Mobile Web Society Mobile websites are becoming one of the most important aspects of having an online presence. There are a few critical reasons for this. First, you want a site that’s legible and easy to navigate on the small screen of a smartphone. A mobile-friendly website automatically adapts through programming magic…

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What is a Landing Page?

By Marc Apple / March 29, 2015 /

Why Would I Send Someone to a Landing Page from a Paid Search Ad? The concept of a landing page is unique to the world of online marketing. In traditional marketing (broadcast and print ads), you’re putting an identity and message out there for general consumption by whoever sees it. In online marketing, it’s possible to…

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