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Targeted Marketing Services For Marin Local Businesses

By Marc Apple / August 21, 2014 /

Innovative Ways To Target Specific Demographics Whether it’s Marin, San Francisco, or New York, marketing for local businesses always applies the same principles: know your target and communicate with them. At Forward Push, this is a philosophy that has delivered results for many of our clients. They’re often pleasantly surprised at both the exposure and…

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Should A Local Small Business Advertise On Facebook?

By Marc Apple / July 25, 2014 /

New Facebook Ad Space May Work For You! Back in June, Facebook revised their advertising layout in an effort to streamline the space in right-hand columns and increase click rates. Their revamp came after testing showed that the streamlined space was better accepted by users and led to greater activity. The result was Facebook’s recent…

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Local Business Marketing To Millennials

By Marc Apple / July 17, 2014 /

Reaching Millennials Through Images & Social Media Millennials — love them or hate them, they’re the driving force behind technology and much of today’s commerce. When it comes to local business marketing, their “always on” lifestyle means that they’re on the cutting edge of communication and socializing. What else would you expect from the first…

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How A Local Business Can Thrive Using Video

By Marc Apple / July 3, 2014 /

The Power Of A Business Marketing Video Since the evolution of broadband over the past decade, business marketing videos have become increasingly important for local businesses. With smartphones now quickly loading video over wi-fi and 4G networks, this has become even more so. In fact, a recent study by Animoto Inc. reveals just why video…

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How to Help Your Local Business Be Found Online

By Marc Apple / May 6, 2014 /

3 Ways to Help Your Business Be Found in Local Search If you own a local business, the ability to be found at the top of a Google search is most likely one of your main priorities. It can either be a thorn in your side or you have done the necessary tasks to increase…

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Facebook Advertising: More Than Adwords

By Marc Apple / April 30, 2014 /

Social Media For Local SMBs Enables Direct Targeting Utilizing social media for local SMBs has become critical to a marketing plan. Advertising is a big part of this; while it’s true that engagement through conversation, promotion, and grassroots relationships are the primary purpose of social media services, these platforms also provide another avenue for targeted…

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Small Businesses & Google Ranking

By Marc Apple / March 24, 2014 /

What’s Next for Google’s Panda Algorithm? Last week Google’s Matt Cutts spoke at the Search Marketing Expo and mentioned that Google is working on the “next generation” of their Panda algorithm update. While not unexpected, the good news is that this update will be softer and a little bit friendlier to small businesses’ websites. What…

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Elevate Your Small Local Business Above Your Competition

By Marc Apple / December 19, 2013 /

How? With Consistent Branding From the corporate giants of America, to each small local business that dots the country, branding is everywhere. Customers rely on brand marketing to make sense of what is familiar, as it allows them to easily recognize your company’s products and services without even needing to necessarily know where it is…

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Should My Business Marketing Email Be Mobile Optimized?

By Marc Apple / December 3, 2013 /

Computing is moving away from the desktop and into devices. Microsoft calls itself the “Devices and Services company.” Experian Marketing Services revealed a study stating that 1 in 2 emails are opened on a mobile device. Emails are viewed differently on a mobile device than they are on a PC. Fonts need to be changed,…

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Four Tips for Making User Reviews Work for Your Business

By Marc Apple / November 14, 2013 /

Yelp, Google+, Facebook User Reviews In years gone by, private opinions and personal experiences in regards to local businesses were simply shared among friends or in the lunchroom at the office. These days, business review sites for local businesses are what it’s all about. This means that any one of your customers at any time…

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