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3 Things a Small Business Website Design Must Have

By Marc Apple / September 24, 2015 /

What Does a Small Business Website Need I’m often asked, “What features does my small business website need?” In almost every situation, my answer is “Only what you need.” Small business websites are capable of many different bells and whistles these days, but in many cases taking a straight forward approach will enable you to…

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Websites for Local Businesses

By Marc Apple / August 26, 2015 /

San Rafael Website Developer When picking a web developer, you literally have the whole world to pick from. For businesses in San Rafael and the San Francisco Bay Area, that means that your options range from a local business such as Forward Push to developers on the other side of the planet. So why would you…

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Top Five Referral Marketing Ideas

By Marc Apple / August 14, 2015 /

How to Generate Business Referrals You want more referral marketing ideas. Good call — you’re not alone. According to Hinge Marketing, 71% of business prospects ask for referrals. Beyond the numbers, we’ve all heard the anecdotal evidence. Who fixed the plumbing in the house? Friend of a co-worker. Why’d you buy your car at that…

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Does a Small Business Need SEO?

By Marc Apple / August 3, 2015 /

What is SEO? If you’re looking at breaking into the digital marketing space, then you’ve probably heard about search engine optimization, or better known as SEO. SEO is one of the things I get asked about the most, mostly because it’s a buzzword that has lasted well over a decade — and for good reason!…

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2015 Small Business Marketing Priorities

By Marc Apple / March 30, 2015 /

Survey Results: Brand Awareness, Budget Decisions, & More Forward Push surveyed 100 American business owners (50 employees or less) to learn more about their 2015 small business marketing priorities. This article is part of a series to take a closer look at the results, including the decided emphasis on brand awareness. Question 1: What are…

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Link Building for Local Businesses: Case Study

By Marc Apple / February 3, 2015 /

Background This client was a healthcare provider with a single location. The practice’s target audience focused solely on the local market. In addition to getting patients for their location, the practice offered free health education classes. Not only did this give back to the community, it created exposure to a new group of potential patients.…

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How To Engage Your Local Business Customers With Social Media

How To Engage Your Local Business Customers With Social Media

By Marc Apple / December 17, 2014 /

What Social Media Should Your Local Small Business Be Using? Between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn, the variety of social media options for businesses today can seem both intimidating and overwhelming. With potential customers operating on one or more of these platforms, businesses that fail to rise to the challenge to manage several accounts will…

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Celebrate Small Business Saturday in Marin

By Marc Apple / November 22, 2014 /

It began as a way to remind shoppers of a pleasant alternative to shopping malls This year, as the American Express Small Business Saturday enters its fifth year, San Rafael counts itself as a proud partner in the initiative to rally shoppers around and generate excitement for local businesses. American Express Launches an American Tradition  A…

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Targeted Marketing Services For Marin Local Businesses

By Marc Apple / August 21, 2014 /

Innovative Ways To Target Specific Demographics Whether it’s Marin, San Francisco, or New York, marketing for local businesses always applies the same principles: know your target and communicate with them. At Forward Push, this is a philosophy that has delivered results for many of our clients. They’re often pleasantly surprised at both the exposure and…

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Should A Local Small Business Advertise On Facebook?

By Marc Apple / July 25, 2014 /

New Facebook Ad Space May Work For You! Back in June, Facebook revised their advertising layout in an effort to streamline the space in right-hand columns and increase click rates. Their revamp came after testing showed that the streamlined space was better accepted by users and led to greater activity. The result was Facebook’s recent…

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