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B2B Search Queries from Smartphones

B2B Searches Queries from Smartphones Transcript from the Video I wanna share with you a stat that just came across my desk. Did you know that 50% of B2B search queries on Google are made on a smartphone? And that number is expected to increase to 70% by year 2020. So why does this matter? READ MORE

3 New LinkedIn Profile Changes

LinkedIn Has Made 3 New Profile Changes Transcript from the video: This is your marketing minute from Forward Push. Hey business owners, if you are on LinkedIn and you have a business profile page for your business, you need to know about three new things that have just been released for LinkedIn business profile pages. READ MORE

Instagram Tests Profile Updates

Instagram Changes to Your Profile Transcript from the video: Hey there, welcome back from Thanksgiving break. While you were gone, Instagram made changes to our profiles. In fact, you might be one of the lucky ones that has already seen this change take place. And here’s exactly what Instagram said. “Over the next several weeks, READ MORE

Google My Business: New Service Area Options

Google My Business Has Made Some Changes Transcript from the video: Hey there, it’s Marc from Forward Push and I’ve got some big news for SABs regarding GMB. What do all those initials mean? Well, SAB, service area business, and GMB, Google My Business. So in the past, if you’ve registered your business with Google, READ MORE