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A Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses and Startups That Works

Compound marketing gives you the time to properly invest in your small business and/or startup’s marketing strategy. When done consistently and done well, it has the same effect as compound interest: exceptional results over time. By creating the right kind of long-term inbound marketing strategy, you can enhance your budget and your results. How Can READ MORE

Topic Clusters: Writing the Right Topics to Enhance SEO

Topic clusters are a type of content strategy aimed at building strategic content development to enhance a website’s SEO ranking. Creating content without a detailed plan no longer works. Instead, small businesses are finding success with meaningful content developed for their target audience, organized into clusters on their website. As Jason Miller of LinkedIn explains, READ MORE

What Your Atlanta Small Business Website Needs to Have

You know your Atlanta small business’s website needs to have the basics like what you do and who you are. But did you know that you need additional resources in order to create the maximum impact possible on potential clients? As websites continue to grow in complexity and ability, it’s important to remember the important READ MORE

7 Proven Call to Action Buttons Missing from Your Website

You’ve got your website — professionally designed, professionally built. But what happens when people visit your site? That’s where a call to action (CTA) comes into play. Traffic without movement creates limited value for a business website, but effective CTA can convert visitors into customers. For businesses, one of the best ways to visually communicate READ MORE