Content Creation


Content Creation for Startups

By Marc Apple / April 7, 2015 /

Engaging and Converting New Customers Inbound marketing is all about engagement and conversion — and to get started, startups need to focus on content creation. Why is this so important? Content creation is the backbone of inbound marketing. Without a consistent stream of content creation, an inbound marketing campaign falls apart because there’s nothing to…

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What’s the Best Kind of Content to Create for My Website?

By Marc Apple / March 28, 2015 /

Blog Articles, Guides, One Sheets, Videos When it comes to content, the two things to remember are 1) deliver what your audience wants and 2) variety is the spice of life. The term content refers to any text, image, or video consumed by visitors to your website. General web content is text written specifically for…

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How Long Should an Article be on My Blog?

By Marc Apple / March 28, 2015 /

What is the Best Length for Blog Content? On blogs, the value and usefulness of the content should dictate the word count. That being said, our general target is 500 – 1,200 words — which sounds like a lot when you’re not a writer and you’ve only had those types of targets on high school essays.…

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How Do You Know What to Write for My Blog?

By Marc Apple / March 28, 2015 /

Will it Sound Like Me? The voice behind a brand is a key part of content strategy. This is determined by a number of factors: audience, established identity, goal and purpose of the blog and the individual post. Much of this is defined in the early intake session and preliminary discussions. In general, one of…

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Does the Copy on My Website Need to be for My Users, Google, or Both?

By Marc Apple / March 28, 2015 /

Who Do I Write My Blog Articles For? When it comes to web copy, it should always be written to engage your target audience and deliver your message. Period. That doesn’t mean that you don’t add in elements for favorable SEO. It just means that those are the accoutrements to your primary goal. There are…

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Is Quality Content Essential for Success?

By Marc Apple / January 12, 2015 /

The Answer is the Same For Small Local Business to Large Corporations Organic internet search traffic is a significant source of customers for any business, whether a mom-and-pop brick-and-mortar store or a large international conglomerate. A recent study published by Conductor offers insights into how large enterprises view SEO and the importance of quality online content…

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Blogging On The LinkedIn Publishing Platform

By Marc Apple / June 24, 2014 /

Keys To Building An Audience Back in February, the public got its first taste of the LinkedIn Publishing Platform. This new blogging platform enabled exposure to the LinkedIn social network, though like all blogging endeavors, it requires individual effort and unique content to build an audience. Given those prerequisites, how beneficial is LinkedIn’s new offering?…

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What Should I Write About On My Blog?

By Marc Apple / May 31, 2014 /

Three Simple Tips To Making Your Blog Great From SEO to customer outreach, blogging is an import part of your online marketing. Once you get that blog engine up and running, you may think you’ve achieved your goal, but the truth is that you’re just starting. Don’t worry, writing regular blog posts doesn’t have to…

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Coffee, Spiders, and the Importance Of Content Creation

By Marc Apple / December 15, 2013 /

Why Should My Business Website Have a Blog? Imagine stumbling upon the world’s greatest cafe, one filled with the most delicious coffee and pastries you’ve ever tasted. Now imagine that after your first visit, the doors remained shut every time you went for a visit — or worse, the cafe simply dropped off the map, eventually…

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Do I Need a Blog?

By Marc Apple / April 12, 2012 /

Why Your Business Needs a Blog Here are the Top 7 reasons why you should be blogging in 2012: It’s a great way to be expressive about what you do. It doesn’t limit you to showing what you’re all about – your personality. Like Social Media, it gives visitors a forum to comment on what you have…

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