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11 Places to Share Your Blog Posts

You’ve written a blog, but that’s only part of the process. Instead of letting it sit on your website not providing value, use these 11 places to kickstart your content online to produce the results you crave. There are two ways to share your blog posts online. One is by sharing the links, like when READ MORE

Is Blogging Important For My Business?

Why Content Is Your Website’s Best Secret Weapon When you build your small business website, you’ll most likely use a content management system such as WordPress. In addition to managing page content, these systems usually have built-in blogging capabilities. Is this something you should do? Your instincts may tell you no, but the answer is READ MORE

How To Create Content That Converts Readers

Which Content Guidelines Should You Follow? Content is the heart of any website. Layout, branding, and aesthetics are all critical aspects of sites, but without good content, those things are rendered useless — the site becomes a fancy car without a running engine. Content, though, can’t just be thrown together, despite the urge to give READ MORE

How To Create Quality Small Business Blog Posts

Using Models, Not Templates For Your Small Business Blog Automation is the Golden Fleece for marketing, even for things like small business blog writing. Now, you’d think that such a thing wouldn’t be able to be assembly lined but there are products that offer assembly line templates for creative blog content. A Forward Push customer READ MORE

Should Startups Invest In Content Creation?

Does it Make Sense For Startups to Create Content? I wind up interfacing with a lot of different San Francisco startups at different events, and the conversation invariably turns to marketing, and then I get questions about one of the biggest trends in marketing: content creation. More specifically, why is it such a big deal READ MORE

Content Creation for Startups

Engaging and Converting New Customers Inbound marketing is all about engagement and conversion — and to get started, startups need to focus on content creation. Why is this so important? Content creation is the backbone of inbound marketing. Without a consistent stream of content creation, an inbound marketing campaign falls apart because there’s nothing to READ MORE