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Scott Key & Associates, a law firm known for handling complex, high-stakes litigation cases, faced a pivotal moment: transitioning their practice focus to personal injury law. The critical challenge was communicating this shift effectively to other attorneys, fostering a network for referrals.

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Strategic insight and impact

Our agency saw an innovative opportunity in this challenge. We proposed launching a podcast hosted by Scott Key, where he could engage with other attorneys and professionals in a relaxed, conversational setting. This platform was not just about broadcasting a change in practice areas; it was about building relationships and showcasing Key's expertise in personal injury law.

We leveraged the podcast in a multifaceted legal marketing SEO strategy. By transforming the audio into engaging video content, we enhanced the firm's online presence, optimizing their website for better search engine visibility.

The podcast became a hub for thought leaders, professionals, and attorneys, significantly expanding Scott Key and Associates' network. This approach not only increased their reach and influence but also led to a substantial increase in referrals, marking a successful transition into their new practice area.

Success tactics

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Website Design

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Challenge the norm

With a focus on your success, our unique marketing and advertising strategies break from tradition to deliver enhanced results.

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Scott Key & Associates

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