Sharing Hand-Crafted Goods with a
Sold-Out Product Launch.


San Francisco's The Baconer had a sizzling product, but needed a marketing partner to guide them through a successful new product launch.

This product launch strategy resulted in:

participants in their first Instagram Live


Their new product completely selling out!

Their social media activity brought traffic to their website:

increase in website users


increase in new users


increase in page views


increase in time spent on their website


drop in bounce rate



The Baconer, or the "original bacon slingers", was started by Camilo and Elisa, a husband and wife duo based in Oakland, California. They've refined their recipes to create the best bacon available, and were successfully selling their products at a number of Bay Area farmers markets and online. (We've tried it and can attest to its level of perfection.)

The Problem

A Need to Create Buzz Through Digital Marketing

Camilo and Elisa are an incredible butcher and chef and had succeded in creating a product people loved. However, they came to us a bit overwhelmed on promoting themselves online. After trying a few options themselves, they wanted a team who could not just deliver results, but also break it down into jargon-free reports.

Working with Forward Push is the Best!

"Working with Forward Push is the best! Marc is a goldmine of knowledge
and expertise when it comes to marketing a growing business. His fantastic
team is fast and responsive to my specific needs, and Marc has incredibly
creative ideas that help us leverage our existing audience as well as build
new ones in ways we had never thought of before."


Camilo Velasquez

Founder, The Baconer


Our Solution

Make Followers Feel Like They're in the Kitchen

  • Content Strategy

  • Social Media

  • Email Marketing

  • Paid Media

Content Strategy

We held content strategy meetings with Camilo and Elisa to prioritize channels and content in preparation for a product launch. While the ideal solution would be a comprehensive strategy, we helped find the best channels based on their customer personas as well as the right types of content that could be created before the launch.

This gave Camilo and Elisa the foundation they needed to propel The Baconer’s marketing strategy forward.

Social Media

By helping The Baconer team determine which outlets were best for their brand, they could focus on doing a few well instead of trying to do it all with limited resources. This included working with them to create a week-long teaser campaign that culminated in an Instagram Live on launch day. This Instagram Live included sharing product demos and recipes while engaging with viewers.

Email Marketing

Our email marketing efforts supported the launch by reaching their current email list. These newsletters teased the same details as on social, customized for the necessities of email marketing. As a part of a product-focused marketing strategy, we saw positive growth throughout the launch period.

Camilo Velasquez, Baconer Founder
The Baconer Burnt Ends
the.baconer instagram


Selling Out Product Through Social Media

Camilo and Elisa were expecting single-digit viewers in the single digits during their Instagram Live. Instead, they engaged with over 100 viewers. Their product sold out, they thrived through their new marketing strategy, and the business grew. It’s a bacon-filled happily ever after.

“Forward Push has earned my trust and I recommend them without reservation.”

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