Meets The Eye Studio

Creating a Must-See Experience Online.


Taking a San Francisco Bay Area video production studio focused on startups, Fortune 500 companies, and filmmakers from needing to see to believe to seeing is believing — online.


increase in keyword Top 3 ranking


increase in organic website traffic


improvement in yearly leads


increase in new users



Meets The Eye Studio was started by a filmmaker, which meant they had a fantastic space that everyone who shot there loved. Their studios were high-quality, amenities top notch, and gear well-maintained.

But they were having difficulty reaching the right audience, and weren't sure how to increase their visibility. But once potential clients saw the studio, the team could easily close a booking. This meant our focus was highlighting their space online.

The Problem

A Limiting Online

With limited marketing before their engagement with Forward Push, not many videographers and directors knew the studio existed. Located right outside of Silicon Valley, about 45 minutes from downtown San Francisco, many Bay Area videographers wouldn’t consider making the drive. But once they saw how much love and attention Meets The Eye put into the studio, they were ready to book and become life-long clients.

Our Web Traffic and Leads Greatly Improved as a Result of our Collaboration

"It was my privilege to work with Marc Apple and his team at Forward Push on the rebranding and website redesign for Meets the Eye Studios. Under his leadership, he and his team worked with MTE Studios creating and executing a marketing plan and new site well within our budget. Our challenge was keeping up with Marc and his team! Our web traffic and leads greatly improved as a result of our collaboration and I recommend Forward Push without reservation."

michelle-allen-meets-the eye-studios-testimonial

Michelle Allen

Meets The Eye Studios


Our Solution

Designing an Online Experience for an In Person Preview

We built from the pixel up to help create the in-studio experience on their website. This included a new website that spoke to their buyer personas followed by a complete inbound marketing strategy.

  • Blogs

  • Videos

  • Infographics

  • Email Newsletters

  • Landing Pages

  • Social


Each blog centered around topics relevant to their buyer personas, from novice to advanced skill levels. These blogs included product reviews, photography tutorials, industry news, and other relevant information. By sharing these educational and informative blogs on social media, we created an inbound marketing strategy to support lead generation.


The video campaign involved bringing clients and the team into the studio for testimonials that we shared on YouTube, their website, and social media. We also worked with the team at Meets The Eye to upload reels from work shot in the studio to provide examples of how the space was utilized.

Our favorite video was creating a 360-view experience for their Google My Business and Google Maps listing. It was also used on their website to give users the ability to “walk through” the studio while browsing on desktop, mobile or tablet. This helped solve their booking problem by offering potential clients a way to “walk” the studio without needing to visit.


We repurposed blog articles as infographics. These branded pieces of content took points from the blog post and brought them to life visually so users could not only read but see Meets The Eye’s perspective on the industry with potential clients.

Email Newsletters

We used email newsletters to nurture leads and stay in contact with existing clients. Each newsletter included industry information like how to grow a photography or videography business. These touch points increased the lead’s strength and the likelihood they would book with the studio.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are an essential component of inbound marketing, and we used them as a part of lead magnets to increase Meets The Eye’s bookings. These landing pages maintained the current website branding for a cohesive experience, and included necessary tracking for remarketing.

Social Media

As with any great inbound marketing strategy, we used the blogs, videos, and images we developed as content for social media. This mix offered followers varied content, maximizing the engagement on Facebook and Twitter.

Michelle Allen
How sony changed photography
Meet the Eye Studio Facebook Post


Delivering Leads Through Targeted Content Strategy

Over the course of this inbound marketing strategy and implementation, we saw a dramatic improvement in their online presence. This content-driven marketing strategy helped increase their Top 3 keyword ranking by 325%, improve website traffic by 117%, and gain over 7,000 YouTube views.

Most importantly, though, we exceeded their KPI of booking clients. With a 119% improvement in yearly leads, we were able to support Meets The Eye so they could continue supporting the video community of San Francisco.

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