Ranku Goes Up Against For-Profit Online Colleges

Ranku, a New York based startup launched today with the goal of helping students find an online college as long as it’s a non-profit university such as Arizona State University or Georgetown.

Call it a backlash or say it’s about time, non-profits have been playing catch up to their for-profit counterparts that dominate a Google search for online degrees. So how do the 100 online non-profit schools compete with a giant such as the University of Phoenix, who reportedly spend over $200,000 a day on Google AdWords?

“We obsessively focus on the user so the best degree option for them rises to the top,” says co-founder Kim Taylor. “Typically, within the industry, the experience focuses on who pays the most and the for-profit schools win. This levels the playing field. Relevance wins”

A school’s dedicated page on Ranku has 24/7 access to course materials, face-to-face interaction with the faculty via video or chat, information about military tuition benefits, and the school’s mobile app.  

Will Ranku be the thorn in the for-profits’ side when it comes to capturing the attention of the online education searcher? Will they be able to battle the numerous pay-per-lead portals that already exist and have been helping students find schools for years? We shall see…

By Marc Apple