How to Buy Advertising 

Any business can call the advertising department of a broadcaster, newspaper, or magazine to place an ad. That means if you started your business today, you could pick up the phone and place your ad tomorrow. You’d have to consider all of the different variables involved with making that purchase — for example, if it was a TV ad, you’d have to decide which program to air the ad, how many weeks the ad ran, etc.

Those variables are where an advertising agency provides its expertise. A good agency is able to intake key information about your business — target demographic, message, budget, etc. — and make smart purchases on your behalf to maximize your return on investment. Agencies would also be involved in crafting the ad so that it connects properly with the audience viewing it.

From a creative perspective, that means building the right type of ad to represent your brand with a call-to-action that works with the ad platform. If your ad campaign is going to spread across platforms, that also means providing consistency so that there’s never any brand confusion between the different ads, whether it’s online, print, or broadcast.

Above all, advertising is an investment. That investment can be made by any business owner, though time and energy get burned up making the key decisions behind ad purchases — and without ad industry experience, all of that may lead to inefficient campaigns and poor decisions. Using an ad agency requires more upfront expenses but the chances of a successful return-on-investment are far greater.