Keys To Building An Audience

Back in February, the public got its first taste of the LinkedIn Publishing Platform. This new blogging platform enabled exposure to the LinkedIn social network, though like all blogging endeavors, it requires individual effort and unique content to build an audience. Given those prerequisites, how beneficial is LinkedIn’s new offering? After a little bit of experimentation, I experienced mixed results, though it became clear where the platform’s strengths lie.

  • LinkedIn Publishing Platform offers a path to exposure for contacts within your network.
  • Posts can be promoted on your LinkedIn profile and other social media platforms for greater exposure.
  • Each post lives on its own URL for advanced Google indexing.

build-an-audience-on-linkedinFollowers can have great influence on LinkedIn, and publishing regular quality content can help you gain followers. After blogging on the LinkedIn Publishing Platform, my follower total ramped up to 975, including a large increase with one particular post about infographics. Why did that post gain more traction? It’s a combination of all possible avenues: stream/profile exposure, social sharing, and Google indexing.

However, followers and views don’t mean much if they don’t connect to the right audience. Because of LinkedIn’s inherent business-oriented network, I’ve found that my blogging venture has helped me in building my audience with those that matter for my business: local business owners and senior managers/decision makers at corporations.

Like any blogging exercise, both quality and quantity count with the LinkedIn Publishing Platform. Building an audience requires similar effort regardless of platform, but LinkedIn’s unique benefits focus on exposure to a highly particular audience as well as providing a larger footprint for Google to index. In short, it’s worth your time.

Here’s a sample of some recent LinkedIn Publishing Platform posts of mine:

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By Marc Apple

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