How Law Firms Can Use Website Directories

Do you want to improve your law firm’s SEO presence overnight? While this may sound like a one-way ticket to get blacklisted from search results, this is a completely search engine-legal way to improve your law firm’s presence online.

The secret is utilizing website directories. These websites are an aggregator for attorneys in a geographical area and contain basic information about your firm, a link to your website, and reviews from clients.

We’re going to first review the benefits of website directories and the top choices available to lawyers. Then, we’ll finish with how to ensure your law firm is using these resources to the fullest extent available.

The Benefits of Using Legal Website Directories

These directories always appear at the top of a search, which means you can harness that SEO power to improve your website’s visibility without investing in an extensive SEO strategy. These websites also have a search functionality, so those looking for an attorney in your specialty can find you without scrolling through disorganized search results.

Directories also utilize user behavior for your advantage. Most consumers will visit a directory first, then go to your website for more information before calling.

The most significant benefit of these, though, is that other firms can’t appear on your profile. This is very different from Yelp, where companies can pay to be a featured profile and a better ranking in search results. Although Yelp certainly has a robust platform, using these legal website directories provides a better result in a less crowded space.

Website directories for law firms will also offer listing categories specific to your area of expertise, along with space to include all relevant information like education, credentials, and payment methods.

Let’s use Snyder & Ashlight, an Atlanta law firm, as an example. As trial attorneys focused on immigration, workers compensation, discrimination, and other related fields, it was important that their directory listings showcased their full capabilities. The better we could do that the more likely people would be to call for a consultation.

We chose to create listings for the firm and the partners. This meant they had a higher chance of appearing in results for more search terms. Now that we’ve established how important these directories are, it’s time to share our recommendations for your law firm.


Top Website Directories for Lawyers

The benefit of using a website directory exclusive to lawyers is two-fold. First, your profile will have only what is relevant as a law firm without any extraneous information. Second, it has an established expertise, which builds trust among consumers.

We recommend every lawyer maintain a listing on these directories.

  • Avvo
  • Martindale

The website directories have high editorial standards and will market themselves to your potential clients, not just to website owners like yourself. If they only market to website owners, then they are very likely not going to offer increased discovery and website traffic.

Some directory-listing services will oversell the number of directories you need to be on. Instead of trying to establish profiles on every website directory available, focus on quality over quantity. Low-quality website directories could negatively impact your search engine results,

Aim for a presence on three to ten directories, prioritizing local ones. Some local directories will not be legal-focused, but its location specificity offers additional value. If you’re working with a marketing agency, they can guide you to the best website directories for lawyers.


Maintaining Website Directories for Your Law Firm

Once your information is submitted, make sure it stays updated if your phone number, physical addresses, or website URLs change. You’ve put the time into establishing a presence on these websites, so you want to ensure they’re still providing as much value as possible.

A marketing agency can help ensure these remain up to date, but if you prefer to keep this in house, an office manager or paralegal can complete these tasks. The most important part is that these listings are maintained.

Improving your law firm’s presence online requires an addition to your marketing strategy: website directories. Because of these websites’ significant SEO value, you can improve your visibility online by fully utilizing their services. It’s as simple as that, as well as being an ideal solution if you’re not ready to invest in an extensive SEO strategy.

If you’d like to work with a team experienced in a law firm’s unique marketing needs, we want to talk. Call us at (415) 640-8009 or send us a message.

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