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Streaming TV Commercials for Healthcare Providers

By Marc Apple   ●    January 6, 2024   ●   2 min read

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    TL;DR Streaming dominates TV viewing, offering businesses, especially in healthcare, a prime marketing channel through OTT advertising. Successful OTT campaigns have significantly increased client traffic, leveraging the flexibility of digital ads to engage viewers anytime, anywhere, without geographic or scheduling limits.

    When was the last time you watched broadcast TV?

    Chances are, it’s been a minute.

    Across nearly every demographic, streaming content accounts for nearly 85% of content consumption.

    Content delivered via the internet is called “over the top” – or OTT – and it represents a major marketing opportunity for local businesses.

    We recently shot a series of OTT commercial spots for one of our healthcare clients.

    It was a big day managing a full team of actors, makeup artists, and photographers to get exactly what we wanted for this client’s upcoming campaign.

    Did I Mention The Clapper Board?

    We have had huge success running OTT campaigns for several other medical clinics and med spas – increasing traffic by over 400% for one client.

    We aren’t limited by broadcast schedules or geography because consumers we’re targeting can see the ad at anytime and anywhere they have access to their device.

    We create dynamic ads that work on a variety of devices with messages, and we use powerful messaging to quickly hook viewers, so we avoid the dreaded <<skip ad>> option.

    Film crew setting up equipment in office.

    And because we’re experts in creating healthcare marketing campaigns, we know how to keep it compliant from commercial to call to action.

    OTT is a winning strategy for medical practices because we can consistently serve the right ad to the right person using personalization and targeting accuracy.

    The granular level of specificity and analytics we can get on OTT ad buys gives us the ability to maximize return on ad spend (ROAS) for our clients like never before.

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    Marc Apple

    Marc is the founder of Forward Push, a marketing agency that helps busy professionals with creative, research-driven marketing. He has successfully helped healthcare practices increase their patient count and revenue through tailored marketing strategies. Marc excels at understanding and solving marketing challenges. He is available to discuss healthcare marketing strategies, music, and BBQ.