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Top Three Can’t Miss Sessions for Thursday, September 10

Creating a successful inbound marketing plan requires going beyond the basics of developing great content. The philosophy of attracting customers to you by creating a powerful brand story that fits with consumer needs must extend to everything your company does. INBOUND 2015 has been has been working to develop a list of presenters who will hit on the points you need to create an outstanding, brand-wide inbound culture. Here are three great sessions you should be sure to check out on Thursday.

Behind The Curtain– 50 Tips For Hosting Badass Events

Karen-HartlineKaren Hartline (@khartline), the CEO of Reinventing Events, would like to know if your events are OK, or if they are completely badass.

Events have the potential to be powerful drivers of brand awareness while also helping to build a community around a company. Unfortunately, many people waste these opportunities. You also want to create an environment that broadcasts your company’s brand and shares your company’s story.

This session will leave you feeling enthusiastic, and maybe even excited, to plan that next big company event by giving you some great ideas about how to take these opportunities to the next level.

10 Reasons Why Sports Radio Will Make You Better At Your Job

Julie-Devaney-HoganIf you listen to sports broadcasters on the radio describe a match, you might think that they somehow had the opportunity to preview the action. The fluency they have in describing the players, what is happening and what it means is something to be admired.

Do you have that fluency when speaking about marketing? About the progress of your campaigns and growth of your brand?

That is the question that Julie Hogan (@jalicedev), the Vice President of HubSpot, looks to tackle during her Thursday afternoon session.

Fluency in marketing means being confident and assured in the knowledge related to your role. If you speak with customers, can you talk about your brand without having to stop and check with another? Julie will be interested in helping you develop the fluency that will demonstrate your confidence and capabilities so that you can communicate better and close more customers.

What’s Your Heresy?

joe-jaffeeAnyone who works in online marketing knows that the industry is in a continuous state of change. Anytime you think you know something about SEO, for example, another update will come out that completely changes your perspective. You know the value of being able to adapt to change.

There is a major problem in the way that many marketers approach change, however. Most people do nothing more than continuously ‘tweak’ their web properties. They use the industry best practices to learn what changes to implement. They look at their strategy from last year and use it to form their strategy for next year. It leaves us all in a perpetual state of just being ‘good enough’.

Joseph Jaffe (@jaffejuice), the CEO & Co-Founder of Evol8tion, wants to challenge this norm by asking everyone to identify their own heresy. His talk will invite you to throw out this old way of thinking and embrace what you can do for your team.

INBOUND 20515 will give you the tools you need to take your marketing strategy from its elementary stages and make it encompass your entire company culture. Tell your brand’s story with everything you do. These speakers can help you get started.

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