Molson Beer Stunt Rewards Canadian Passport Holders

Molson Canadian recently placed fully stocked beer refrigerators in public places around several European countries to see what would happen… Only they couldn’t be open unless a Canadian passport was scanned.

Footage from the marketing stunt has been made in to a 90-second online ad and a :30 spot aired during the Stanley Cup Finals.

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From an advertising perspective, installation-based public branding and entertainment stunts are getting better as bigger brands see more value in doing them. Not only do they create noticeability where they take place, but the viral element of the footage reaches beyond those that take part. The above Molson video has over 1.6 million views in just over a week and a half.

While you might not have the right product or big budget to pull off a beer fridge marketing stunt, you can still make your brand stand out through creative marketing and branding. Contact us for a free 30 minute Marketing Push Start Session.

By Marc Apple