B2B Video Marketing: Why It's So Important

Why You Need A Business Marketing Video Campaign

Have you used B2B video marketing as part of your outreach campaigns? If not, now just might be the time to invest in a business marketing video. Like it or not, video is the marketing place to be. The latest trends show that nearly three out of four B2Bs integrate video into their marketing — that’s more so than other types of content and tools.


Why are things trending this way? Simple: it’s easy and it’s accessible. In theory, you could create a business marketing video simply by setting up the camera on your smartphone, pointing it at yourself, and hitting record (though we recommend a little more effort than that). There’s no need for expensive editing software, as affordable or free (open source) applications can provide all of the basics you need. With YouTube and other platforms, uploading the video and then embedding it on your site is quick and simple. For many people, this feels more natural than sitting down and trying to write a blog post or article.

video-marketing-for-businessesThe great thing about B2B video marketing is that there are benefits beyond its ease of use. When you create a business marketing video, you’re building a search engine footprint that can provide rewards many times over:

  • It gives search engine spiders something new to look for
  • It exists as a separate item on YouTube and other platforms
  • It works for Google’s video searches
  • It increases clickthrough rates on search and email

There’s little reason to believe that this trend will take a downturn over the next few years. In fact, it’s likely that video outreach numbers should continue to grow. That means it’s critical that B2B video marketing is integrated into your campaign.

By Marc Apple


By Marc Apple

Marc Apple is recognized as a leader in the marketing industry and has 20+ years of experience helping businesses of all sizes improve their digital marketing. He specializes in website design, SEO, social media, and paid search programs. He is a frequent contributor to other marketing websites and speaks regularly about marketing to small business owners and startups. To learn about Marc and to contact him, visit his author bio page.


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