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Can a Business Survive Without Marketing?


An Unbiased Answer to Help You Decide if Your Small Business Should Be Marketing While your business could grow on word of mouth alone, investing in a diverse marketing plan will expedite the growth you’re looking for. (Also, word of mouth is still marketing!) Every company needs a marketing plan; the variation lies in how…

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The 5 Biggest Struggles for a Small Business Trying to Use Social Media


How Can You Handle Each One Social media is a valuable asset, yet many small businesses are having trouble getting discovered. It’s not impossible, though! In this article, we’re going to review the top five biggest struggles companies have on social media and how you can overcome them. One: Consistent Content Maintaining a consistent posting…

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How to Tell if Your Marketing is Working


Awareness vs. Conversion-Based Techniques One of the most common questions we hear is, “Is my marketing working? And how can I tell?” Not to fear. We’re here to provide insights into the best kind of marketing strategy for your business, regardless of product or service. Every marketing strategy needs two components: awareness and conversion. Without…

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How Small Businesses Can Remain Competitive Against Big Competitors


4 Steps To Follow to Be at the Top of Your Category Running a small business comes with many challenges, and staying competitive against corporations is always near the top of the list. It’s not as tricky as it may sound, though. Staying competitive just requires tenacity and a few smart marketing techniques. We’re going…

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Chamblee Chamber of Commerce Newest Member


Why We Joined the Chamber We recently became members of the Chamblee Chamber of Commerce, cementing our place in this growing, diverse town. The Chamblee Chamber of Commerce is an organization focused on advocating and promoting the community’s business interests to “guide, support, and nurture positive business growth”. As a marketing agency focused on small…

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Is Social Media Right for Every Small Business? 


Top Social Media Platforms for Small Businesses We could answer this in one word (yes!), but let’s get into some more detail about small businesses and social media. You need it. It’s can be one of your biggest sources of website traffic, it raises awareness, and helps build a community online among your fans. And, aside from…

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Creating a Powerful Online Presence for Your Business


Live Podcast Recording Video Transcript from the video: Rick Nuske: Hi, and welcome back to the My Future Business Show. My name is Rick Nuske and I’m on the line with Marc Apple from How are you Marc? Marc Apple: I’m great, Rick. How’s it going today? Rick Nuske: Oh, we’re doing very well.…

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20 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Web Designer


Don’t Make These Mistakes As a web design agency, we see some of the biggest mistakes people make when hiring a web designer. In an attempt to help you avoid the same concerns, we’ve compiled the top 20 for a comprehensive list of what to look for. Whether you’re a CMO or small business owner,…

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Marketing Help for Metro Atlanta Real Estate Agents


Marketing as a real estate agent is more than posting new listings on Instagram. It’s developing a strategy that focuses on providing value for your farm area through expert local knowledge, engaging with local businesses, and implementing local SEO on your website. With this focus, you can grow your career and your personal brand. Here’s…

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Top Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents


All industries can benefit from marketing, but real estate agents have a unique opportunity to maximize social media, email marketing, their website, and other strategies to build relationships with current and potential clients. The stronger your relationships are, the more likely you’ll be to grow your business through referral and non-referral leads. Let’s get started…

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