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Infographic: 6 Tips for Social Media Success


6 Things That We Know Work Well Social media can be a moving target when it comes to doing the right thing because things change at a constant pace. That’s why relying on the tried and true is always a great choice. Try these 6 things for long term success when posting on your social…

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The Facebook Algorithm: How Does It Work?


Out of all the mysterious terms swarming around social media, Facebook’s algorithm is one of the most popular. And most misunderstood. It controls how your business is seen on the platform, so it’s important to understand. Just maybe not as important as some people may lead you to believe! If you focus on providing great…

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What 100 Small Businesses Think About Marketing in 2020


2020 Small Business Owners Marketing Survey Introduction Small business marketing is usually a mix of frantic social media posts and hoping the latest blog post is working. But let’s reframe that and use data to properly prioritize different marketing channels for your small business. In our annual small business marketing strategy, we’ll be reviewing how…

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Client Spotlight: Renee Klein Healthy Living


Supporting Healthier Lives, One Social Media Post at a Time As an Atlanta-based Arbonne consultant with 19 years of experience in the company, Renee Klein of Renee Klein Healthy Living knows how to help people build healthier lives. What she needed support with, though, was growing her business on social media. We worked with Renee…

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The Importance of Following Up


Updated: February 4, 2020 How to Stand Out by Following Up with Your Customers While we believe that small businesses can be inbound marketing superstars, a common complaint we hear is that it’s hard to target customers when competitors have larger budgets and a bigger team. This is a prime example of working smarter and…

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10 Small Business Marketing Ideas for 2020


What Marketing Can You Do For Your Small Business 2020 is here, which means it’s time to evaluate where your marketing is headed. We’ve compiled our top small business marketing ideas to help you reach your goals, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, launching a new website, growing revenue, or a mix of all three. Let’s…

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35 Social Media Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business Online


Growing your business online doesn’t have to be as complicated as some people make it seem. To help you grow, we’ve compiled our top 35 social media marketing tips, which include everything from overarching strategy recommendations to tactical steps to improve how you’re seen online so you can increase sales. Let’s dig in. Focus on…

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Can a Business Survive Without Marketing?


An Unbiased Answer to Help You Decide if Your Small Business Should Be Marketing While your business could grow on word of mouth alone, investing in a diverse marketing plan will expedite the growth you’re looking for. (Also, word of mouth is still marketing!) Every company needs a marketing plan; the variation lies in how…

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The 5 Biggest Struggles for a Small Business Trying to Use Social Media


How Can You Handle Each One Social media is a valuable asset, yet many small businesses are having trouble getting discovered. It’s not impossible, though! In this article, we’re going to review the top five biggest struggles companies have on social media and how you can overcome them. One: Consistent Content Maintaining a consistent posting…

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How to Tell if Your Marketing is Working


Awareness vs. Conversion-Based Techniques One of the most common questions we hear is, “Is my marketing working? And how can I tell?” Not to fear. We’re here to provide insights into the best kind of marketing strategy for your business, regardless of product or service. Every marketing strategy needs two components: awareness and conversion. Without…

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