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Is Social Media Right for Every Small Business? 


Top Social Media Platforms for Small Businesses We could answer this in one word (yes!), but let’s get into some more detail about small businesses and social media. You need it. It’s can be one of your biggest sources of website traffic, it raises awareness, and helps build a community online among your fans. And, aside from…

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Creating a Powerful Online Presence for Your Business


Live Podcast Recording Video Transcript from the video: Rick Nuske: Hi, and welcome back to the My Future Business Show. My name is Rick Nuske and I’m on the line with Marc Apple from forwardpush.com. How are you Marc? Marc Apple: I’m great, Rick. How’s it going today? Rick Nuske: Oh, we’re doing very well.…

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20 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Web Designer


Don’t Make These Mistakes As a web design agency, we see some of the biggest mistakes people make when hiring a web designer. In an attempt to help you avoid the same concerns, we’ve compiled the top 20 for a comprehensive list of what to look for. Whether you’re a CMO or small business owner,…

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Marketing Help for Metro Atlanta Real Estate Agents


Marketing as a real estate agent is more than posting new listings on Instagram. It’s developing a strategy that focuses on providing value for your farm area through expert local knowledge, engaging with local businesses, and implementing local SEO on your website. With this focus, you can grow your career and your personal brand. Here’s…

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Top Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents


All industries can benefit from marketing, but real estate agents have a unique opportunity to maximize social media, email marketing, their website, and other strategies to build relationships with current and potential clients. The stronger your relationships are, the more likely you’ll be to grow your business through referral and non-referral leads. Let’s get started…

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How to Get New Clients for Your Law Firm Through Blogging


People look for lawyers in times of crisis, and in today’s search engine-focused world, that search is done online. When law firms create blog content focused on their specialty, they can bring in website visitors who need help during that time. They get the information they need, and if they’re ready to proceed with a…

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How to Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Your Law Firm


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is one way that firms without significant advertising budgets can compete with law firms using billboards, buses, and daytime TV commercials. While those placements can improve brand recognition, it’s more valuable to be where people are searching: online. Using PPC advertising for your firm can help increase lead generation to help you…

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How to Use Video Marketing & YouTube for Lawyers


Today, YouTube is for far more than viral challenges. It’s a valuable way to reach potential clients. By choosing the right topics and including a call-to-action, you can begin to take your part of the 300 hours of video uploaded every minute in order to share your expertise and grow your law firm. People engage…

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How Law Firms Can Use Website Directories


Do you want to improve your law firm’s SEO presence overnight? While this may sound like a one-way ticket to get blacklisted from search results, this is a completely search engine-legal way to improve your law firm’s presence online. The secret is utilizing website directories. These websites are an aggregator for attorneys in a geographical…

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7 Elements Every Legal Website Needs


How to Increase Leads for Your Legal Practice Imagine you had an opportunity to bring in potential clients while you were fighting for your current ones. With a fully optimized website, you can. These best practices will help you determine exactly what you need to improve your website’s success. Let’s get started with some basics:…

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