Are Google Reviews Stars Going Away?

Yes and Here’s Why

Transcript from the video:

As a local business or organization, don’t you just love seeing your five star ratings in a Google search result? Well, don’t get used to it.

This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push, and Google has just announced that they will no longer be showing these star reviews in a search results anymore.

The reason is that in order to get those results, those stars and review stars showing in the search results, the website owner is generating code that goes to Google, so they understand how to display your five star four star, three star, whatever it might be rating, well you can imagine that some people might be taking advantage of this and Google is now saying, You know what? That’s not in the best interest of our users, so we will no longer be reading that code when a website displays it.

So if you’ve gotten used to seeing your ratings displayed in a search results page, they are no longer there or possibly they are going to be going away very soon.

Now, you know, this has been Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push.

Marc Apple

Marc Apple

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