A Business Without Marketing

Is it Possible?

This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push and today I wanted to share with you a question. A customer called me and asked, without marketing? simple question. And the answer plainly is no. And this customer came back to me and said, word of mouth really drives my business. Everything else that we’re doing is great, but I really need to do it. Can I just live off of word of mouth?

And the answer is, well, you could accept word of mouth is actually marketing and two, without a marketing plan, your business is not going to grow as fast. That’s the beauty of having a marketing plan. So today I wanted to tell you about five things that you can do to expedite your business growing by marketing. The five things that you can do to help your business grow faster are 1 email marketing, 2 social media, 3 paid social postings, 4 pay per click and 5 blogging. Those are the five tactics that you can use to help grow your business faster.

Let’s go over each of them and find out why they work. First off email marketing. It’s been proven that small businesses can generate up to $38 for every dollar they spend on email marketing. Now, email marketing is a little bit confusing because as you send out emails, your expectation is that people are gonna open them and click through your content. Well, that doesn’t always happen. So how do you generate revenue from email? It’s being consistent, always having an email on a weekly basis to your community so that they know and they remember you. That’s top of mind marketing.

Next one, social media, whether it’s Facebook, instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or whatever platform you choose, creating a personal connection with your audience is only going to strengthen your marketing and your business on social media.

Number three paid social. Certainly these platforms that you can post on organically for social media have become pay for play opportunities. In order to show your post or to show your ads, you’re gonna need to have some budget. But it’s a great opportunity now, more than ever, Facebook has become a cheaper and more affordable place for small businesses to advertise. What I like best about Facebook is about 70 of all U. S, adults are on Facebook.

Next up, pay- per-click. You’ve seen those ads at the top of a Google search. People click on them. I often hear people tell me that they never click on ads, but somebody must be clicking on ads because they are effective. And when it comes to a search most people search locally, that means that they’re putting in your business’ zip code, your city that you’re in, and the profession or service that you provide, so it’s important to make sure that your ads are shown.

That’s pay-per-click marketing and last up is blogging. Having content on your site regularly to let people know about your business, about what you do helps you become a thought leader in your space.

So there you go, five tactics you can use right now to create a marketing strategy and a marketing plan for your business. This has been Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push. Have a great day!

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