Google CEO Larry Page Describes a Burning Man for Techies

Last week when Google CEO Larry Page was answering questions at the Google I/O Developers conference here in San Francisco, he described a vision for a Burning Man like event for the tech world.

“We haven’t built mechanisms to allow experimentation. There are many, many exciting and important things you…just can’t do because they’re illegal or they’re not allowed by regulation. That makes sense because we don’t want our world to change too fast, but maybe we should set aside a small part of the word [where these things can happen]. 

I like going to Burning Man for example; I’m sure many of you have been. That’s an environment where people can try out different things, but not everybody has to go. I think that’s a great thing too. I think, as technologists, we should have some safe places where we can try out some new things and figure out what’s the effect on society, what’s the effect on people, without having to deploy it into the normal world. People who like those kinds of things can go out and experience that. We don’t have mechanisms for that.”

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By Marc Apple