8 Marketing Channels For Your Business

Help Build Your Business by Doing These

This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push. My name is Marc Apple, my company is called Forward Push, and today we are going to talk about eight core marketing channels that you can use to build your business.

Now, here’s the thing. I’m going to give you eight opportunities. You don’t need to do all eight. You might not be able to do all eight. You might be able to do some of these in-house yourself. And you might need to hire out a professional to handle the others. But I wanted to make sure that you knew about eight marketing tactics, eight channels that you can start doing for your business to help increase your leads and ultimately your sales.

Number one is making sure that you’ve got a great website. Is it engaging? Is it is the type of website that when someone goes to it, they want to dive in deeper, they want to click around, they want to be able to fill out that form or call you to get more information. Make sure that your website is engaging.

Number two, social media. Are you using channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, not only your personal, but a business profile to engage with your audience and to stay top of mind, start using social media. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are a great place to start.

Number three is making sure that your website is found. Search engine optimization. Is the content on your website written so that a search engine knows to show your website in position one when someone asks a question? You got to make sure that your website has been written for search engine optimization.

Number four, search engine marketing, otherwise known as pay-per-click advertising. Those are those ads that you see at the top of a Google search. Those paid ads is a great way to make sure that your business is seen when someone searches for exactly what you want to be found for. You’re controlling when your ads are shown based on what the person searches for. Pay per click advertising is a great way to expose your brand name and also to drive people to your website to increase the number of sales that you’re getting from your digital marketing.

Number five and number six, we’re going to continue with paid advertising. First up, paid advertising when it comes to social media. Are you running ads on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to make sure that you stay top of mind not only to your current clients and prospects, but also to people who fit the type of people that you’re trying to reach? You can do that through social media.

The next advertising channel is going to be Google Local Service Ads. If you’re a service based business, Google gives you the opportunity to have an ad that runs right at the top of a search listing. It gives you your own page where you can put all the information about your business, pictures, videos, anything that you want. And people then can go ahead and call you right from the ad.

The number seven core marketing channel that I want you to think about is creating videos for YouTube. Are you taking advantage of the phone camera that you have right in your pocket or your purse? It’s extremely powerful. It takes great videos. Why not use it, start creating videos and you can upload these to your own YouTube channel.

And the last of the eight marketing ideas today is going to be email marketing. Are you sending out at least a monthly email, not only to your clients, but your prospects and then having people sign up to receive your email newsletter on your website? This is just another great way to stay top of mind to your audience, and you can do that through email marketing. Since you’ll be creating content on your website, whether it’s going to be videos or blog articles or whatever it is, that is great information to include in your newsletter.

So there you go. We just went over eight core marketing channels and tactics that you can use for your business. I encourage you to think about which ones work best for you and give it a go starting right now. This has been episode one hundred and seventy four of Your Marketing Minute. And I’ll talk to you next week.

Marc Apple

Marc Apple

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