Create a Better Twitter Profile

More than one billion tweets are sent every 2-3 days across Twitter. With that much activity how can you make your profile standout? Here are five simple ways to get started.

  1. Tweet Useful Information: When you see something you like and believe that it would be useful information to others, tweet it. Now-a-days, every website gives you the ability to share articles to your social network without even leaving the page, take advantage of this east to use technology.
  2. Retweet Useful Information: Like tweeting an article you come across and like, retweeting a tweet you see can help enhance your Twitter profile. Be sure to give credit where credit is due and add a few words on why you like it.
  3. Follow Friday: It’s been a long-standing tradition on Fridays to send out a tweet acknowledging other Twitter profiles you like or had contact with during the week. Make someone feel special this Friday with #FF.
  4. Answer Questions: Similar to LinkedIn Groups, those that answers questions become an authority in their vertical. If you know the answer, tweet it.
  5. Ask Questions: Ever get stuck not knowing something? Tweet your question and watch the answers tweet in.

Bonus #6: Feel free to tweet this and be sure to follow us.

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By Marc Apple