5 Things You Need To Do On Your Google My Business Profile

No Matter What Size Business You Have, Do These 5 Things

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This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push. My name is Marc Apple, and today I wanted to talk to you about the AVB. What’s VSB? Very small businesses. And the reason I’m bringing this up is that did you know that 90 percent of all verified profiles on Google My Business are from businesses that only have one location? There are actually considered very small businesses. And what I’m going to tell you next applies to VSBs, but it can also apply to your business as well if you’re not a VSB.

And they are five things that you can do to optimize your Google My Business profile so that it’s working for you and not against you. Let’s jump right in. The first thing, make sure your profile is complete. Google gives you a lot of options to fill in all different types of information, whether that’s your hours, your services, your products, when you’re open, when you’re close, what’s going on with your business?

Make sure you take advantage of all of those opportunities. There are important. Number two make sure you’re filling out the relevant attributes of your business so that people know what’s happening. Recently, attributes have been added to Google My Business that include curbside pickup, COVID-19 precautions, you have to wear a mask, temperature checks are being taken of your staff and people coming into your business. But they also include, if you are a woman own, black lead, any of these things, including LGBT friendly.

All of these are important attributes that you can list on your profile so that people know more about your business.

The number three thing that you can do is making sure you’re taking advantage on a weekly basis, adding new post to your Google My Business profile. You can upload an image, you can put some text, you can have a link back to your own website, to a blog article. You can even have it that someone can call you every seven days these posts expire, so you do want to get in the weekly habit of making sure that you’ve got a fresh post up every week.

Number four, if you sell products, there’s an opportunity to list all of your products on your Google My Business profile. If this is what you have, definitely take advantage of it.

And number five is just remembering that you’ve got a Google My Business profile. So if something changes, you need to make sure that you’ve updated your profile. Changes can be like your closed for Christmas, make sure that it’s noted on your Google My Business profile instead of having your regular hours listed on that day.

Phone number changes, do the same thing. You add a new service or product, go ahead and make sure it’s updated. Taking care of your Google My Business profile can be as important as making sure your website is accurate and updated as well.

So there you go. Five things that you can do to make sure that your Google My Business profile is working for you and not against you.

My name is Marc Apple. This has been Your Marketing Minute, an audio and video podcast from the marketing agency called Forward Push.


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