4 Digital Marketing Tips for 2021

Make This The Year You Do Marketing Right

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This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push Episode 168, and today I wanted to talk to you about 4 digital marketing tips for 2021. Let’s jump in.

First off, voice search. Voice search is only going to get more popular, greater use in 2021. And I’m talking about searches that people do when they’re next to their Alexa or Google assistant or any of the devices that we have in our kitchens and in our living rooms that are listening to us and ready to help us. Typically, if you were to do a search on a web browser, you might type in ‘hardware store near me’ and have Google pull up the maps and you’ll see what’s near you. But it’s a little bit different when you are talking to one of these devices because you’re actually talking to it.

So it’s conversational. So you might say, “hey, Google, what’s the nearest hardware store closest to me right now?”. And so you can see the difference. Again, it’s talking, it’s conversational. So you need to make sure that the text and how you’re phrasing things on your website answer these voice-activated questions.

The number 2 thing is looking at your Google Search Console. I Want you to be looking at the section for web vitals. Web vitals are going to go into effect in March. This is really going to be a key indicator on how Google starts to rank sites and all the information you need to know. Google is giving you right in your Google search console. So go ahead. Take a look there. Under Web vitals.

The number 3 tip for digital marketing in 2021 is going to be local SEO. If you are serving customers in a local area, you need to make sure that your website reflects that. So do you have content on your website that talks about your neighborhoods that you serve? Is your Google My Business page optimized for those neighborhoods? Are you creating videos for those neighborhoods, for your cities, for your metropolitan areas? And the same thing on social media. Are you talking about the places that your customers live or where they’re coming from? Got to make sure that your local SEO is on point in 2021.

And the 4th tip for digital marketing in 2021 is video. Video whether you are just doing it organically to have in your social media feed or on YouTube, or if you’re actually using video for advertising, it is the way to go. Video is becoming again more and more popular. We say this every year because the numbers keep going up. People like to see and hear what you’re doing and video is the way to go.

So, there we go. 4 tips to make sure your digital marketing is on point in 2021. My name is Marc Apple. This has been
Your Marketing Minute Episode 168 from Forward Push, a marketing agency that helps small businesses and startups.

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