3 Ways to Get More Reviews

Follow These Steps and Watch Your Online Reputation Soar

Transcript from the video:

According to The Drum, 93 of people use reviews to influence their buying decisions. Are you one of them? And for your business how can you get more reviews?

This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push. It’s episode 110.

So I want to help you today get more reviews for your small business, and I’m gonna let you do that with 3 easy tips. All right, 3 easy tips.

The 1st one I want you to be proactive. It’s all about responding to all the reviews you get. Here’s the thing. You’re gonna get good reviews. You’re gonna get bad reviews. You need to be proactive, to all of them. So go ahead and answer each and every review. A simple thank you or a simple explanation can go a long way.

Number two. In getting more reviews for your business, I want you to be systematic about it, right? Know when to ask for a review. So you don’t want to just be blatantly throwing it out there asking everyone for review. But ask the people that you know are more than likely to give you a great review, and you could help them along by telling them exactly what to write.

And lastly, third step is be thorough. Right! You’ve got to be proactive on steps one which was proactive and step two systematic follow through with the plan to answer every review and to start getting reviews.

Three easy steps. I look forward to seeing you get more reviews. This has been Your Marketing Minute and I’ll see you soon.

Marc Apple

Marc Apple

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