10 Types of Content That Will Help Your Local SEO

Add These To Your Website To Help Serve Your Local Community

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This is Episode 152 of Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push, thanks for listening. And today I wanted to talk to you about local SEO in particular. There are 10 types of content that you can do to help raise your visibility in a Google search when it comes to your local standings. So let’s dive in to Alton.

The number one thing that you can do when it comes to content on your website to help with local SEO is have city specific pages.

So that means if you are in San Francisco and you’re in a certain part of San Francisco, let’s say you are in Hayes Valley, you want to make sure that you’ve got a page that talks about your location in Hayes Valley.

If where you are your maybe your city is not so divided up into either boroughs or neighborhoods, go ahead and use that first city name. So that’s the first thing that you want to do.

The number two thing that you can do when it comes to the type of content to help with your local SEO is going to be regional or state pages.

So here again, we’re going to go down a little bit wider. We started off with city pages and your neighborhood. Now we’re going to go out to state pages. So if you do service outside of your neighborhood or your city and you’re working with people in your state, make sure that you’ve got a page that addresses them when they’re searching on a state level.

The third thing that you can do to make sure that your local SEO is going in the right direction is having an FAQ –  frequently asked questions – page on your website. These FAQ pages are what you hear all the time, help people really understand what you do. So if you’ve got a service page and you’ve got all your information on it, but you’re finding out that it’s not really complete, have a place for people to go to find out more information.

An FAQ page is great for that.

The fourth thing you can do to help drive your local SEO is to make sure that you’ve got your specials on your website. So devote a page for specials deals.

Opportunities for people to take some advantage of.

This could even be coupons, but have a page for them that identifies. So, for instance, for local Atlanta residents receive 15 percent off when printing out this coupon or showing us this coupon.

So there’s one way that you can have your specials influence people that are searching online locally to engage with your business.

And the number five reason for increasing your local SEO and what you can do is have local events.

Now, this one might be a little bit hard in the pandemic situation that we currently find ourselves in. But if you are allowed to have gatherings, go ahead and schedule local events at your place of business. Google has been known to pick up these local events and put them into your Google My Business profile right for you without you doing anything about it. Or you can actually post them as an event in your Google My Business profile. So make sure that you’re having events.

And of course, those events are tied to your location, again, helping your local SEO.

All right.

We’re halfway. Number six is partnering with other local events. So we talked about doing events at your location and now it’s finding other businesses that you can partner with and be a part of, make sure that they’re local and make sure that they’re linking back to your website when they publish the event on their website.

That’s going to help with your local SEO. And the number seven type of content that you can use on your website to increase your local SEO is blog content, so you’ve heard me speak before and you probably have heard others say how important blogging is for your website.

Well, start creating content that’s localized to customer profiles, do things about happening in your neighborhood, in your city, but make sure that they’re localized.

That’s going to help with your local SEO.

The number eight thing that you can do is creating best of guides, so this might be a little bit of a stretch, but think about this. You are creating a service for people that are in your neighborhood, that are local, that are going to come to your business.

So why not create a best of guide? Maybe it’s the other businesses that are in the shopping center that you’re in or the building you’re in, or maybe it’s just the top five pizza places that you and your staff goes to. That’s a great best of to just localize it. That’s creating content on a local CEO level.

All right.

We’ve only got two left. Number nine on the type of content that you can create to help increase your local SEO is having a press page on your website and then winning awards that are localized. So, for instance, there’s probably a best of put out by the local magazine, local newspaper or even some of the local blogs. You want to enter those you want to make sure that your customers and your friends and family are voting for you. And when you win, create a page on your website that talks about how you are the best of in your category for your local market.

And the last thing that you can do to help increase your local SEO standings in a Google search is create author or team pages. So when you’ve got your staff, let them each have a page where they can tell the public about what they like happening locally, for instance, it might be that Mary likes walking her dog in the name of a local park. It could be that John’s favorite restaurant is. And then you link to that restaurant.

That way we’re creating some synergy from other local businesses back to yours.

So there we go, 10 things that you can do to help increase your local SEO and help you move up in the rankings when people are searching locally for what you do. My name is Marc Apple.

This has been Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push. I hope you’re having a great week and I’ll talk to you soon.


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