10 Best Video Ideas For Small Business

How To Use Video For Your Small Business Success

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This is your marketing minute. My name is Marc Apple. I run Forward Push. A marketing agency that helps small businesses and startups with their marketing. And today, I wanted to talk to you about 10 things that you can do in videos and put them on YouTube, put them on your website, put them on your social media.

One of the biggest situations a business owner or marketing person gets into is what kind of content am I going to put out? So, today in this video, what I want to do is go over just some quick ideas to help you get started creating video content.

So, the first type of video that you can create is questions and answers. Q&A. What are those questions that your customers, that your prospective clients are always asking you? Go ahead and answer them in a video format. Then you can also put that video in your blog articles, on social media, on your LinkedIn profile, etc.

Number two, speaking of blog articles, when you write a blog article, why not include some video content in it so you can take sections of your blog article and simply just read what’s in them or stated a different way, but have your camera on so that you can use these videos as part of your blog content.

Number three, how about a video that talks about your company? About your company. What is it that you do? What’s your mission statement? What’s your purpose? Great content to have in a video format. And while we’re on the topic of you and your company, how about videos that introduce the team? Right. Meet the team, meet the staff, let people know who they are going to be working with. That is a great idea for creating some video content.

All right. Number five. Testimonials. How about getting your customers and your clients to film videos saying how much they love the work that you do for them, and then you can use that content, those testimonials and create case studies. Use those case studies on your website, create PDF’s of them, use your video content that you got from your client and use it for yourself.

Number six, how about how-to videos? If you have a product or some type of service that people are using, create videos that show them how to use it. I’m sure you’ve gone out to YouTube and searched ‘how-to…’ to find an answer to what you were going through. Do the same for your customers as well.

Number seven, educational content. Now, we kind of talked about this with the blog article, but in these videos, you’re going to just go a little bit deeper, start going into exactly what you want to talk about. You can make these videos a little bit longer in length. They’re educational in nature. So go deep and really share your knowledge with the viewer.

Number eight, if you’ve got products and you’re about to launch them, so new products, or even new services, go ahead and create a video announcement. That video announcement then can go in possibly an email newsletter so that you can let all your clients and prospective clients know that you’ve got something new coming out.

Number nine, you can go live on YouTube, you can go live on Facebook. And these will become videos that can be played again and again and again. You can use any of the things that we kind of talked about above here and just do them live. Go ahead, hit that live switch. Go for it. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

And lastly, number 10, if all else fails, just be funny. Are there certain jokes about your industry that people will find funny? So we all know there’s plenty of lawyer jokes, insurance jokes, car salesman jokes, anything profession-wise I bet you can find a joke about. Go ahead and tell it. It’ll open up the audience to have a little chuckle with you, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

So there you go. 10 great things that you can do with a video camera, get them uploaded to YouTube channel, to your Facebook channel, to your LinkedIn profile, to anywhere that you can put video to get people to become more knowing, trusting of your business.

Thanks for listening and I’ll talk to you next week.

Marc Apple

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